2014 Ithaca Arts Festival!

Hey everyone! My next festival with the Simply Divine Details Jewelry is this weekend at the Ithaca Arts Fest!

The Days I will be there are Friday (12-8pm), Saturday (11:30am-8pm) and Sunday (11:30-7pm).

I’m am super excited about this show, it should be lots of fun! The Ithaca Arts Festival is a well established, and well attended event, it has taken place every year for 37 years! You can get more info about the festival here.

If you get a chance, and are in the area, pay us a visit at the festival! I have a little bit of a new set up for the booth ( not much, some new tablecloths, stuff like that) and some fresh new jewelry as well!






21 Day Purification – Days 9 & 10

Here are days 9 and 10 of my detox.

Day 9

What I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie with sp powder, spinach, strawberries, kiwi, cucumber

Lunch: spring mix salad, cucumbers, zucchini, sprouts, carrots, avocado, asparagus, wild rice.

Dinner: sautéed sweet potatoes and zucchini (with coconut oil and thyme)

Snacks:  apples, carrots, cucumbers, 2nd shake = peaches, strawberries, pineapple, mango, spinach

How I Am Feeling: good today

Other Purification Techniques I Am Doing: lavender essential oil

Exercise: 1 hour yoga class


DAY 10

What I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie with sp powder, spinach, strawberries, peaches, pineapple, mango

Lunch:  zucchini,  wild rice.

Dinner:  wild rice and cherry tomatoes.

Snacks:  apples, carrots, cucumbers, 2nd shake = peaches, strawberries, pineapple, mango, spinach

How I Am Feeling: ok, a little stressed, also a little sore again from yoga.

Other Purification Techniques I Am Doing: none today

Exercise:  none today.

Ok, so that brings us up to speed, I have a three day show this weekend, so hopefully I will be able to post, but can not make any promises.

Oh hey, this is pretty much the half way point! Yay! And, day eleven I get to add in lean meats and fish! Not that I am a big meat/fish eater, just the fact that we are finally to this point and that I have the option to eat meat again, it’s kinda nice.


21 Day Purification – Days 5 – 8

Wow, what a busy weekend! I have a little bit of catching up to do with the detox updates. It just got too crazy this weekend with the festival I had a booth at with my jewelry, and then Monday being a holiday, I didn’t get around to posting.

So let’s see, where did I leave off? Ah yes, day five was up next.

Day 5

What I ate: 

Breakfast: smoothie with sp powder, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana, water.

Lunch: lentil soup

Dinner: lentil soup

Snacks: apples, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, 2nd shake = same as morning.

How I Am Feeling: good today, no complaints.

Other Purification Techniques I Am Doing: didn’t really do anything extra today, was too busy getting ready for the show.

Exercise: does running errands count?


Day 6

What I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie with sp powder, banana, spinach, strawberries.

Lunch: spring mix salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, sprouts.

Dinner: the last of my lentil soup.

Snacks: strawberries, mangoes, cucumbers, apples, 2nd shake = just the water and powder, just a little too tired to be creative.

How I Am Feeling: tired, it was a long and busy first day of the festival.

Other Purification Techniques I Am Doing: fresh air all day long!

Exercise: not today.


Day 7

What I ate:

Breakfast: just powder and water shake today, was running a little late this morning.

Lunch: spring mix salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, sprouts, avocado.

Dinner: …… I forgot to eat dinner …. I was snacking a lot today, when I got home I was super tired and just crashed. oops…

Snacks: strawberries, mangoes, cucumbers, apples, the usuals. 2nd shake = just the water and powder again.

How I Am Feeling: tired, it was another long and busy day at the festival.

Other Purification Techniques I Am Doing: fresh air again

Exercise: not today.

Day 8

What I ate:

Breakfast: smoothie with sp powder, spinach, strawberries, mango, kiwi.

Lunch: big spring mix salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, sprouts, usuals.

Dinner: wild rice, steamed asparagus, sautéed mushrooms and sweet potatoes.

Snacks: strawberries, kiwi,banana, apples, 2nd shake = same as this morning.

How I Am Feeling: I woke up feeling sick to my stomach, really shaky and sweating. I drank water and ate a banana and some quinoa right away. It went away within a couple minutes. I guess I shouldn’t skip dinner again….

Other Purification Techniques I Am Doing: diffused peace and calming essential oils blend while cleaning my studio.

Exercise: 1.5 hour walk


That almost brings us up to speed. I will post days 9 and 10 tomorrow!


21 Day Purification – Day Four

Day Four of the cleanse started out a little rocky, but turned into a better day overall.

What I ate:

Breakfast: Smoothie with the SP Complete Powder, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, banana and water.

Lunch: Spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts, mango

Dinner: Lentil Soup, Strawberry & Rhubarb with honey and water (boiled) for dessert. (yum!)

Snacks: apples, kiwi, zucchini, cucumber. 2nd shake was just the powder and water again, I chugged it.

How I am feeling: Like I said, day started off not feeling so great, but it got better, more energy today.

Other purification techniques I am doing: Diffusing the Essential Oils (Lavender and Stress Away Blend). 

Exercise: One Hour Walk – beautiful day for a walk.

Photo May 22, 10 11 18 PM

my lovely creation of strawberry, rhubarb and honey.

I was told that the first four days are the hardest, so now that I’m past them I’m hoping it will just get easier from here.

The weekend should be interesting, I have a two-day show with my jewelry – there won’t be any festival food for this girl. Fingers crossed I won’t break down and get something fried (just kidding, I don’t like fried food that much, I’m just craving anything that’s not a vegetable right now)!



21 Day Purification – Day Three

I do apologize for posting this one a little late, day three was awful!

What I ate:
Breakfast : smoothie with SP powder, kale, strawberries, mango, banana, water.

Lunch: spring mix salad, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts.

Dinner: sautéed portabella mushrooms with coconut oil, thyme and quinoa.

Snacks: cucumbers and strawberries

How I’m Feeling: a little bit irritable today – lack of patience. I am sooo sore from yoga last night, my shoulders kill! I’m so out of shape.

Other Purification techniques: Lavender and Stress Away Blends of Essential oils.

Exercise: I didn’t excercise today.


So yeah, feeling less than wonderful today. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.



21 Day Purification – Day Two

Yesterday was day two of the Standard Process Purification Program I am doing.

Here’s my little Journal entry for the day:

What I ate:

Breakfast: Smoothie with the SP Complete Powder, spinach, strawberries, pineapple, mango, peaches, and water.

Lunch: Spring mix salad with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, avocado.

Dinner: the leftover quinoa and zucchini from last night – I know, I don’t switch things up very much.

Snacks: apples, kiwi, zucchini, pear, and 2nd shake for the day – I got a little busy and didn’t have time to blend  up a smoothie, so I just drank the powder straight with water…. it was kinda nasty, but I got it down.

How I am feeling: Still doing well, but today I felt more hungry. The girls at work had garlic and cheese breadsticks that smelled soooo good! I have been craving more bread and cheese things rather than chocolate, which surprises me because I don’t normally eat bread and I try to stay away from cheese.

Other purification techniques I am doing: Diffusing the Essential Oils (Lavender and Stress Away Blend). 

Exercise: 1 hour yoga class (my very first time doing yoga… it was harder than I thought it would be, but fun).

Well that was day two, check back in tomorrow for day three!


21 Day Purification – Standard Process

I have to admit, I have been feeling less than wonderful lately… Ok ok, I have been feeling really terrible! My body hates me!

Unfortunately, the truth is this – I have created a very Toxic Environment for myself, alright, not all of it is my fault, but a good chunk of it is.

  • I don’t eat as well as I should, number one reason being my wicked addition to sugar (mostly chocolate!).
  • I don’t exercise enough.
  • I am stressed out all the time and don’t get enough sleep.

The list goes on.

My body has been telling me to do something to fix this, get rid of the toxins that are slowly killing me.

I tried doing a sugar detox awhile back, but failed miserably! It was like 8 weeks long, I just could not do it.

So I joined a ladies group that is doing this cleanse through Stand Process called the 21 Day Purification Program. We are doing it through a Chiropractor/Nutritionist (who is awesome) – here’s her website.

So at first I thought this looks like it will be awful, and a few people I know that have done it said it is intense… But truthfully, I think it won’t be so bad…

Here’s how it goes,

The first 1-10 days you can only eat veggies and fruit (as much of them as you want), and there’s a whole long list of veggies and fruit to choose from. You can also have Quinoa and Brown or Wild Rice. You make shakes and smoothies 2-3x/day using the SP Complete Powder (I have the dairy-free version) and you take like a million supplements that also come with the kit.

Days 11-21 you can start adding in lean meat, fish  and oils and herbs/spices. Continue eating lots of veggies/fruit and drinking lots of water!

Not so bad, right?

Well, we just started yesterday, and day one for me went really well I think. We have a little journal we are keeping along the way for each day, so I will share mine on here as often as I can.

Photo May 19, 11 08 32 PM


Day One:

What I ate:

Breakfast: Smoothie with spinach, cherries, strawberries, SP Complete and water.

Lunch: Spring mix salad with cherry tomatoes, avocado, black beans and asparagus.

Dinner: Quinoa with Zucchini

Snacks: apple, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini

How I am feeling: So far I feel fine, I actually was not as tired at work in the middle of the day as I usually am. I did have a few cravings though, the candy dish that sits on the back counter behind me at work was calling to me all day.

Other purification techniques I am doing: diffusing Essential Oils (Peace and Calming Blend today) to purify the air. I am also trying to use only natural remedies for my skin care and personal hygiene  – I am reading labels and staying away from products is harsh chemicals (as best I can) and making a few of my own.

Exercise: 30 mins of cardio.

Ok, so that was day one, stay tuned for day two!

I hope that by following along with my little cleanse journal here you will learn some new stuff and  maybe be motivated to try a cleanse for yourself!



Inspired by Purple Sunsets

Last Weekend my Hubby and I went down to PA to visit my life-long Best Friend and her Husband.

We had a wonderful time, it was so nice to get away for the weekend and to spend time with some of my favorite people!

On our way home, we saw an absolutely gorgeous sunset. The sky was filled with purples, pinks, orange and yellow. It was crazy beautiful and became my inspiration for a couple of new earrings.

Photo May 03, 5 06 43 PM

These lovelies are listed in the shop now if you would like to check them out!




Fun Fact: One year ago today I had my very first show with Simply Divine Details Jewelry! Wow, time flies!

New on SimplyDivineDetails.com

Hello hello!

I have a few new things from Simply Divine Details to share with you!

First and for most, Mother’s Day is a week away! So of course, I have a special promo code you can use to get 20% off your purchase for Mom!

Use code DEARMOM at checkout, but don’t wait too long, place your order by 8pm (EST) Tuesday night (5/6) to make sure your order gets to you in time for Mother’s Day.



I also have added some new jewelry to the shop, one of which is this necklace and earring set that is being featured on the site!

Photo May 03, 4 58 39 PM


I do hope you will check out the new jewelry, and maybe find something special for Mom!

You can also use the code on my Etsy Shop!


DIY Calendula Tincture

Photo Mar 26, 1 20 04 PM

For those of you who are maybe thinking “what in the world is a tincture,” it is when you add either vodka or glycerin and an herb (or in this case, a flower) in a bottle and let them sit there for like 6 weeks, so as to extract essential oils from the herb( flower).

By creating tinctures, you are extracting the life juices from the plant to add their healing properties to your recipes – kind of cool.

I made this tincture about a year and a half ago because I could not find it in the stores and wanted to make a hand cream that called for it in the recipe.

So, if you are in need of a tincture for whatever the reason, they are easy to make, they just take a little time to brew.